At Camwil Palms, we have made it a priority to look after the environment through the following initiatives.

Recycled Water

Camwil Palms recycles all of its water usage. We air rate the stored water to reduce sediment, algae growth and to encourage good bacteria. We use a sand filter to remove any small particles and then transfer the water to a holding tank, where the water is sterilised before it is reused to irrigate the plants.

Responsible use of chemicals

The team at Camwil Palms are conscious in their usage of chemicals and we are doing our best to reduce the harsh chemicals we use on our stock. We are constantly investigating and testing alternatives to chemicals. There has been a increase of non toxic and organic produces in the industry and with the demand comes better produces which work very well.

Renewable Energy

Camwil Palms uses renewable energy that is generated from resources that are replenished naturally, such as light, wind and water. Our energy needs are derived from a hydro system that has been powering Tasmania for nearly 100 years.

Environmental Partners

Camwil Palms chooses to support companies that support the environment like Garden City Plastics (GCP) who have set up a recycling station in Victoria to recycle used pots into new pots. To find out more information click here.

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