Spathiphyllum x hybrida

Scientific Name: Spathiphyllum 
Common names: Madonna Lily, Peace Lily

Growing Height: 0.5 – 1 metres high by 0.5 metres wide

  • A hardy indoor plant that produces lush foliage and long-lasting white flowers
  • An ideal plant for the home, office or sheltered outdoor areas

One of the most satisfying and hardy indoor plants to grow, with lush foliage and long-lasting, white flowers.. This plant tolerates heating and artificial light. Ideal for adding months of colour to offices, homes, and sheltered areas.

Plant Care: This plant prefers a warm, humid site with good, natural, indirect light and well drained soil. Keep moist, but do not over water. Fertilise during growing season with a quality liquid or slow-release fertiliser to keep the leaves green and glossy.


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